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Zipper Wallet with Flower

Wallet with a zipper with a flower- in such a purse you can store cosmetics, necessary gadgets or even money.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. cream fabric 24x27cm;
  3. cream zipper 16cm;
  4. cream lining fabric, two pieces 14x20cm;
  5. fabric for the back, one piece 14x20cm.


Step 1

Cut out the lining, heel and the front with embroidery (same parts). Put the lining face up, on the top edge - zipper, and on it - the detail with the embroidery face down.

Connect them together with pins and stitch along the top edge of the zipper. Expand and repeat the procedure, stitching the backdrop and the second piece of lining to the other side of the "zipper".

When both parts are ready, the wallet will look something like the picture. Smooth out the seams with an iron and open the fastener to proceed to the next step.

Tie the lining details to one side and the embroidered detail to the other.Secure with pins and stitch, leaving a hole for eversion.


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