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You will have a chick! This ultrasound you have not seen

The 26-year-old woman was shocked when she saw the results of the first screening.

For Alexandra, it was the first pregnancy. Everything was new: every change in the body, every sensation. Not to mention the medical side of things. So many doctors, so many tests, examinations ... Tiring, to say. But what Alexander was looking forward to was the first ultrasound. And when I finally waited, I was just shocked.

Even the doctors were surprised. The first screening showed that the future baby Alexandra is not at all like a person, but like a bird! See for yourself: little body, legs, head with a huge beak ...

Ultrasound and pregnancy tests
Photo: Caters News Agency

“On the 20th week I came for a re-screening. My baby turned around and already looked perfectly normal, ”says Alexandra. She still laughs, remembering that first ultrasound.

“My girl just bent the handle so that she looked like a bird's beak. Some wavy parrot turned out! ”- the young mother admires.

The baby grew and developed perfectly normal. In due course, Alexandra gave birth to her girl - she was named Skye. But that ultrasound shot will remain forever in the family photo album.

Ultrasound and pregnancy tests
Photo: Caters News Agency

“It's really funny. At first I was stunned, but when the doctor assured me that everything was alright, I realized how funny this picture was. And Sky is just a normal, normal child, ”the mother added.


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