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Women's denim jacket

We sew a women's windbreaker without a lining 40-42 the size of a straight silhouette, without a collar, with a long sleeve and a detachable zipper lock. The result should be a product of the following type.
 Women's Denim Jacket
For windbreaker, you need 60 cm of denim fabric with a width of at least 150 cm.
 Women's denim windbreaker
We carry out cutting along a dividing line. To do this, use the pattern-base shelves, back and sleeves. In the shelf we transfer the thoracic dent into the lateral suture. Sleeve do vtachnoy with one with one seam. Lay the pattern on the fabric. We make allowances for loose fit 4-6 cm. Cut out 2 shelves, back and 2 sleeves. Fold in colored chalk, cut out. We begin to collect the product. Work is recommended to start with the closure of chest darts on the shelf and shoulder darts on the back. Women's windbreaker from denim
Then we sew off the shoulder and side seams with a live thread, retreating from the edge at least 1.5 cm. Check that the chest darts exactly fit measure the center of the chest. After fitting, you can stitch the side and shoulder seams on the machine. Overcast them. Ironing towards the shelf.
 Women's denim windbreaker
Getting started with sleeves.
Women's windbreaker from jeans fabrics
Start by making a side seam. Then we put the head of the sleeve a little. To do this, it is enough to set the longest stitch value and the minimum thread tension that your sewing machine allows.
 Women's denim windbreaker
Stitch the sleeve in the armhole on the live thread. We make sure that the top of the sleeve coincides with the shoulder seam. We are trying to adjust.Then sew the sleeves on the machine, process the edges of the seam overlock. Bottom sleeves make out in the form of a cuff. We cut out a rectangle along the length equal to the measure of the coverage of the sleeve in the area of ​​the wrist 5 cm wide 2. Sew in the side seams at the cuffs. Then we put the cuff face to the front side of the bottom of the sleeves and grind off. Similar to the second sleeve. After that, from the inside of the cuff, the edge of the cuff needs to be machined on the overlock and stitched so that from the front side the line gets into the connecting seam between the sleeve and the cuff. Ironing
 Women's denim windbreaker
We proceed to the processing of the neck. For this we return to the pattern-based. We lay out the fabric on the slant and cut out the under covering for 2 shelves and backrest individually. We grind the parts along the lateral seams. The free edge is processed by the overlock. Then we apply the front side of the underlay cover to the front side of the product and grind them. We turn it out, fix it with an additional stitch, press it. Fix the undercut by hand to the shoulder seams. Getting to the bottom line of the product. After fitting, we plan the level at which it will pass. In this case, it is the middle of the femur. We work the edge with an overlock, fold and fix it. Then we shred. Ironing. The last step is the castle. To do this, we bend the required width along the central edges of the shelves and grind off the main panel and the hem in the neck area. We hide the edge of the under-edging under the hem. On the live thread we sit a detachable lock separately for each shelf. Then we change the foot in the sewing machine for a special lock-in and perform this operation. We make sure that the edges of the product are the same.
 Women's denim windbreaker
It remains to iron and the product is ready.
 Women's denim windbreaker

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