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Witty puzzles: 8 puzzles from easy to very tricky!

Scratching your brains with an interesting puzzle can be more interesting than any of the most fashionable series. Who needs to look after the wit of a fictional character, if you yourself can steep any fiction unravel a complicated riddle with a dirty trick?


Yes, and with friends to spend so much time can be very, very exciting. When banal entertainment has already filled the edge of mind, a pleasant intellectual rest will not just amuse and enliven, creating the spirit of competition, but also teach how to think outside the box, cope with the most extraordinary tasks and in general, feel like a genius!

Ivan, Oleg, Evgeny and their spouses Oksana, Elena and Diana total a total of 151 years. Each spouse is older than his wife by strictly 5 years. Ivan is a year older than Elena, Ivan and Oksana in the sum of 48 years old, Evgeny and Natalya are 52 years old in the sum. Indicate who is married to whom and the age of each person (age - in whole numbers).


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Answer:couple Ivan-Diana (26-21 years old), couple Oleg-Elena (27-22 years old), couple Evgeny-Oksana (30-25).

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Can a person spend eight days without sleep?


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Answer:easy - he will sleep at night.

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What word contains a hundred failures?


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Are there elephants without a trunk?


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Answer:Of course, only in chess.

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Two children talked about the days:

- As soon as the day after tomorrow completely turns into yesterday, today will be from the seventh day of the week as distant as the day that was today, when it was only the day before yesterday.

When did the conversation take place?


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Answer:the conversation took place on Sunday.

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The detective was walking down the street and stumbled upon the corpse of a murdered woman. She had a handbag and a phone with her. The detective dialed the number, peeed as "Husband" and said:

- Come here urgently, your wife was killed!

After a short time, my husband arrived and began to wring his hands in horror:

- How is it that happened?

Following him rushed the police, and the detective pointed to her husband and said:

- Arrest, this is the killer!

Why did he decide that?


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Answer:he did not give the address by telephone, and the police arrived later,that is, she could not inform him earlier.

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The flames of fire overtook at once two houses standing nearby. One belonged to the rich, the other to the poor. From which of them will the police begin to extinguish the fire?


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Answer:fires extinguishes the fire service, and not the police.

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Which path is not passed by any person, not conquered by any transport?


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Answer:Milky Way.

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Is there such a cork that does not fit into any bottle in the world?


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Answer:equipped, road.


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