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With the help of glitter and glue, you can transform the interior beyond recognition

Adding a little room to the room, you can noticeably transform it! This idea will turn even the most boring and monotone room into a bright, brilliant and unique. “Ingredients” that will be required for work are the simplest and most inexpensive:

  • glitter (glitter);
  • PVA glue;
  • putty knife;
  • bowl;
  • brush with a sponge.

Immediately begin work!

1. Mix several types of glitter. In the master class, large glitters were used interspersed with small glitter.

2. Pour the PVA glue into the glitter. Stir. Do not worry, if the mixture seems to be heterogeneous - it should be so.

3. Using a spatula, transfer part of the mixture of glue and glitter to the wall. Press firmly to make the structure uniform.

4. Now remove the brush and level the mixture on the wall surface. Break up lumps, if any.

5. Allow the shiny wall to dry. Admire the result!

P. S.You can also decorate the wall with a stencil or decorate the furniture.


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