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Why can't I give a watch?

On the eve of the holidays we are knocked down in search of gifts, New Year, March 8, February 23, Valentine's Day, and the Birthday is just a disaster. You need to choose a gift that you like, will be useful and show your attitude. But in addition to these conditions, there are also signs forbidding us to give certain things. For example, why not give the clock?

Hours as a gift: you can or not

Why you can not give a watch - it would seem like a very useful gift, you can choose stylish and high-quality, especially knowing the tastes of the recipient. Watches can be a beautiful accessory, they are able to emphasize the individuality of the owner, and they will just be useful, especially if his day is calculated by the minute.

Why you can not give hours: omens

  • According to Chinese belief, the watch received as a gift is an invitation to a funeral, although it’s not specified whose. This belief sounds strange and not very convincing, but, nevertheless, some people willingly believe in it.
  • According to local signs, by giving a watch, we can incur parting or separation.In this case, you can give a watch with benefit, to a nasty colleague or an annoying acquaintance, if the optics work, it will disappear from your life, if not, well, maybe he can improve his attitude towards you, receiving a nice gift.
  • Another sign says that when we give someone a watch, we shorten his life. Not good, of course, but if you are in a hurry to get an inheritance from an extremely ugly and grumpy second cousin grandfather, you can try.
  • Another option signs prohibiting to give the clock - a ban to give spicy. Oddly enough, watches with sharp hands fall into this category. The sign says that when you give sharp objects, you cut the relationship. In this case, we don’t give to our loved ones, but those with whom we hope to leave, we are happy about this gift. By the way, if you give a clock with such a hint, to a person who knows all the signs, he can understand the hint, tune in and not notice how the prophecy will come true.

Why you can not give hours: psychological reasons

  • When we give a watch, a vulnerable or suspicious person, it may decide that we are hinting to him that he is always late and does not value our time.If this is not the case, it is better to present them as a beautiful attribute, and not a useful thing. Well, if this is true, be prepared for scandal and protest, such a person might not wear a watch that you donated and will be offended.
  • Watches tie a person to time. Those who live in their mode, they either do not need or cause inconvenience. If the person to whom you want to donate a clock is not tied to a clear working or study schedule, lives according to his own biorhythms and rules, does not adapt to others and operates with vague concepts “in the evening”, “call when you approach”, “as soon as you free yourself” such a person most likely does not need a clock and he will not appreciate the gift.

If you really want to give a watch

As they say, if you can not, but really want, then you can. There are several ways to circumvent the signs:

  • Why not give the clock, not everyone knows the signs - if you don’t believe in them and the recipient too, just donate them.
  • If you believe in omens, you can bypass them by "selling" a gift to the recipient. You can take money from the recipient of the gift in exchange for the watch, the smallest coin is best - so the gift will remain a gift, but formally, and from the point of view it will accept, you sold it.

So, you learned why you can not give a watch, you learned about signs and how you can use them, as well as the psychological aspects of watches as a gift. If you choose a watch as a gift that is ideal for a person, you can bypass the signs or simply ignore them.


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