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Why do women need to be entitled to old age?

This is the feeling when I am almost naked, with a red face, a tangle of foil on my head and an unfinished manicure, I am sitting under the gaze of an unfamiliar man, it occurred to me when I read an article about youth on "Snob". “Soon there will be zombies walking around the streets! - the author cried. - They have fillers in different places! They have no loose bums and saggy breasts! They have botox on their foreheads! Nightmare! Freedom to tired surgeons! Let women grow old on their own, evil marketers! ”Here is the quintessence of the article I read, and there’s really nothing more to read.

So what brought the male author to a state of uncontrolled benzodiazepine derivatives panic attack? Women who do not want to grow old. Following its logic, cosmetic surgery and other achievements of pharmacology are an obvious evil that must be fought without fail.

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And I would like to ask a respected journalist: if the achievements of modern cosmetology seem to him to be such an ugly nightmare, then should he not give up on the achievements of those? And begin to go to the bath, wash with soap and ash, brush your teeth, nibble a sprig of bamboo-oak-spruce and other vegetation, and shave with a battle ax? And no deodorants, dear. Only the natural smell of the male body washed with soap, boiled from poor dogs. I suppose such a man will take down all the women within a radius of 15 meters with his peculiar "charm".

In my deep conviction, a woman is absolutely free in her choice, in any choice, including the option of aging. And if she does not want to grow old in the way that inherited genes rely on her, this is certainly her personal business.

In general, it seemed to me that in the illuminated question the cart was precisely placed in front of the horse. Our modern society places very high demands on women. She should be a mother, a good wife and definitely have time to build a successful career. In general, many of these "must".And she is absolutely obliged to look well-groomed and beautiful.

And if women themselves and their sympathizers do not like it, maybe the question is no longer to the women themselves, but to the society? For the same men who end up putting up such demands. But it turns out that the woman is to blame all around: both in the fact that she is aging and in the fact that she successfully fights the consequences of her aging.

It's unfair somehow, do not you think? Leave women their right to grow old just the way they want: with or without a surgeon, at the stove or in the director's chair. This is certainly not a masculine affair.


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