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Why do people with low voices seem more confident?

The times when the ultrasound of Vitas drove the girls crazy, long gone into oblivion. As, in fact, the expression "sink into oblivion." Why is it so important for men to speak in a low voice? And what effect can be achieved if you correctly use your speech apparatus?


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To begin with, the voice "breaks" in adolescence. This phenomenon in a certain way marks the process of transformation from a boy into a man. Therefore, a high voice is associated with immaturity. And the lower - with masculinity and self-confidence.

A similar thesis also confirms a study conducted in 2014. In the course of it, scientists polled more than 300 people and concluded that a low voice inspired respect and a desire to obey, both in women and in men.


Photo source: pixabay.com

Research studies, and change the tone of your voice is not so simple.But this does not mean that it is impossible. To do this, you have to practice with a sound recorder and a mirror, download a couple of manuals and practice a lot.

However, no one forces you to constantly talk with bass or baritone. However, such a skill will be a great advantage in such situations when it is necessary to knock the fist on the table and convince others that they are right.


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