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Why not install flash player?

March 7, 2015
Why not install flash player?

The Adobe flash player is a multimedia platform that is needed to launch presentations and create web applications. However, most users use this platform to play flash movies, as well as browse pages containing flash-based content. These pages include, for example, pages of sites with banners. Next, we consider why the flash player is not installed on the computer.

And how to install flash player you can read the article How to install Adobe Flash Player.

Failure to install adobe flash player

After installation is complete, the program may produce an error. Why does this arise? The causes of this problem may be as follows.

  • Usually the player is not installed if you have a browser open. However, even after you close the browser, you will need to go to the task manager and close all processes that are associated with the browser.
  • You should pay attention to the version of the Internet browser. If you have installed, for example, the first version of the google chrome browser, and you want to install the latest version of the adobe flash player, then most likely this attempt will not succeed.It is important to remember that this program has compatibility with other programs, in particular browsers.
  • Often, users mistakenly download the version of the adobe flash player for another operating system. Check if you downloaded the program correctly. Perhaps you downloaded a version for windows for your mac
  • Another common reason for which the flash player may not be installed is the activity of the firewall, it is recommended to disable the firewall during the installation of the flash player.
  • The problem may arise for the reason that you tried to run the installer several times. In this case, you need to go to the Task Manager and disable the installer, after which the program should be restarted.
  • Finally, the cause may be the activity of viruses. Some viruses do not allow many programs to be installed on the computer. In this case, the program usually gives an error, which indicates the need to scan your computer for malware. Be sure to check your computer for viruses before installing the adobe flash player.

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