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Why no sales?

I trade in women's clothes, mostly sales from me through the Internet, free delivery in Kiev, you can even try on. It seems that the conditions are more than comfortable for the buyer, but there is still no sales. What am I doing wrong?
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Andrey Livanov
Andrey Livanov
Answered on March 9, 15:25
You are doing everything right, just now there is a lot of competition, and purchasing power is falling, people are increasingly unable to afford new clothes, they mostly spend savings on food and housing in general.
Answered on March 9 15:37
I’m just convinced that if you don’t have sales, then your problem is an assortment. If a person is looking, for example, a dress, they bring this dress home with a fitting, and he refuses to buy, then the problem is in the quality of the dress itself. Try to update the range, look, here, for example,
Answered March 9 15:44
Maybe you give a lot of choices, it's not in the bazaar where you can try on the floor of the stall, although the whole idea is not bad. Perhaps even the price is high, although ordering a fitting to the house, the price is known immediately.

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