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Why is milk gone?

The best and most beneficial nutritional option for a baby is breastfeeding. The organisms of the infant and the mother work together and harmoniously. Mom produces exactly as much milk as is necessary for proper nutrition of the baby. Let's consider in this article, why breast milk disappears. As it became known, the impetus for this may be many factors. But you should know and bear in mind that milk can either disappear or appear. The main thing is the mother’s desire to breastfeed her baby.

A number of reasons and their solution

Consider why milk disappears from young mothers:

  • Mom does not want to breastfeed. This reluctance is the most common reason for which milk can decrease. After all, if a mother treats the process carelessly, and every feeding seems to her torture and does not cause much joy, then there will be no milk. Since, in order for feeding to occur without any problems, it is necessary to make certain efforts to this end. Remember that the body is completely subject to the signals of the brain, and if there is a signal that there should be no milk, then it will not be.Before you give up breastfeeding, just think it over. After all, this is a huge number of advantages. One of which is the strong immunity of your baby.
  • A woman is not sure that she can feed a child. There are cases when the mother does not breastfeed her child, not because the milk has disappeared, but because relatives or friends convince her that this will be better. It would be much easier to feed the baby not with a breast, but from a bottle. Do not listen to anyone. Talk to moms who breastfeed their babies and think about what suits you best.
  • Relatives or doctors claim that your milk is not enough. Very often, giving up and caving in under the pressure of someone else's opinion, a woman transfers her child to artificial feeding.
  • Feelings and fears of the mother. There are cases when the development of milk is hampered by the negative attitude of the mother, who does not believe in her own strength and ability to feed the child.
  • The tense situation in the family. Stress, nervous feelings, fatigue can lead to a decrease in lactation. A nursing mother just needs to rest and spend a little time for herself.If suddenly, you notice that milk is missing in one breast, do not panic. Return lactation is quite possible. You just need to often put the baby to the chest.
  • A lot of medicines were used during labor. The use of a larger number of drugs leads to hormonal disruption in the body of the woman, and he, in turn, can disrupt the process of milk production.
  • The newborn was applied too late to the breast. At the moment of applying the newborn to the breast, an invisible thread is pulled between him and the mother, which binds them together. If there was no attachment, then the breastfeeding process may not work out properly.
  • Admission of contraceptives. Can milk be lost in this period? Medicines that contain estrogen in their composition can significantly reduce lactation. In order for everything to work out, you just need to replace the drug and continue breastfeeding.
  • Infrequent feeding baby. If a mother feeds her baby by the hour, or simply does not consider it necessary to feed more often five times a day, then the milk can be gradually reduced and reduced until it disappears completely.

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