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Why are the legs burning?

Our life is such that we are all too busy and we do not have time to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we spend the whole day on our feet, sometimes we run all day long on his heels, not paying attention to fatigue, and then we also wonder why the legs are burning towards evening.

But do not leave it without attention. Let's try to figure out what our feet are burning by the end of the day.


  • Tight, uncomfortable shoes.
  • Allergies to socks or pantyhose, poor-quality materials shoes.
  • Flatfoot.
  • Overwork as a result of prolonged standing on the legs.
  • Serious diseases such as thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, obliterating endarteritis, vascular dystonia, atherosclerosis of lower extremity vessels, peripheral neuropathy, fungus.

Of course, the last item on our list is not the most pleasant, it causes fear and confusion, but do not panic right away. If your legs are burning at the end of the working day, you know that you are tired, you have removed your narrow shoes and your feet suddenly started to burn, then it is absolutely not scary. This is just a game of your vessels, which have been compressed all day,and in the evening, when you released them from a close captivity of your shoes, the blood rushed, and there was a sharp expansion, which is why the feet are burning.

Ambulance when legs are burning

  1. Cold and hot shower. Alternately drenching your feet with water of different temperatures will help you relieve fatigue and reduce swelling of the lower extremities. After the procedure, it is better to lubricate the feet with menthol cream.
  2. Herbal baths: chamomile, lime blossom, calendula, wormwood.
  3. Exercises. Lie on your back, throw your legs on the back of the sofa. Bend and unbend your toes, twist feet. This will help to establish blood circulation and stop burning.

But if such a condition appears with you with constant regularity, then you should consult a doctor.

How to understand that your legs overcame the disease?

  • Phlebeurysm. Patients often complain of severe swelling and heaviness in the legs, pain in the calves, and sometimes cramps in the muscles of the legs, swelling of the veins.
  • Fungus. The patient experiences a burning sensation, itching, yellowing and hardening of the feet, crumbling of the nails, cracks in the feet.
  • Obliterating endarteritis. Infectious disease that affects the arteries of the lower extremities, which resulted in numb and burning legs.The first sign is “intermittent claudication”, when the patient, while walking, suddenly limps to one or the other leg as a result of muscle cramps.
  • Thrombophlebitis. The disease begins with the appearance of a weak pain in the legs, the skin on the legs is burning. Sometimes the temperature rises and swells up the leg where a blood clot is formed.
  • Atherosclerosis of vessels of the lower extremities. The disease is the formation of a blood clot (thrombus) in the lumen of the vessel. The movement of blood in the vessel is reduced. Symptoms are similar to those described in the previous disease.

If you notice that your legs are burning quite often, and besides, you have some of the above symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor. At the initial stage, almost any disease is easier to cure. In general, take care of your feet, because they are under tremendous pressure throughout the day, and then they will not bother you over trifles, will serve for a long time faithfully.


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