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Why forest fires occur

������The most common cause of fire for natural causes is lightning. Prolonged heat and drought lead to increased fire hazards. As a rule, after the heat begins a thunderstorm. The thunderstorm is most dangerous when lightning flashes and it is not yet raining. Dry grass, peat, dried trees at any time can ignite from a single spark. A strong wind instantly spreads fire over large areas, and even pouring rain is unable to put out the burning trees. Still, the main cause of fires is human negligence.
With the onset of hot and dry weather, warning signs were installed everywhere in the forest, which strictly forbid visitors to smoke, make a fire and have a picnic. However, this does not stop lovers to relax in nature.
The main reasons for the ignition in the forest are the fireless cigarette, a bonfire on the edge of the forest, abandoned broken bottles that reflect the sun's rays and dry grass and needles start to smolder, which causes a fire.
In dry weather, hunting in the taiga is prohibited. In addition, the summer period is not a time for hunting, since almost all animals and birds breed. But no bans can stop poachers. Molten sleeves and small particles of burning powder cause a fire.
Not extinguished cigarette butt in the forest - is the main cause of the fire. A person who came to the forest with the best of intentions, who is not trying to cause harm, but casually put out a cigarette butt, is considered a criminal. He faces not only a fine or administrative punishment, but also criminal liability.
Fires in the forest cause enormous economic and environmental damage. Not only thousands of hectares of forest are dying, but also birds and animals. When untimely taken measures to extinguish a forest fire, it can spread to settlements, which will inevitably lead to huge material damage and human casualties. Therefore, visiting the forest, you must remember and observe the basic rules of fire safety.


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