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Why flood candles?

Problems with starting the engine are familiar to many car owners: yesterday the car worked fine, and in the morning it won't start. One of the most common causes is spark plugs. So why fill the spark plugs, how to remedy the situation and what to do to ensure that this does not happen again?

Cause of the problem

The process of starting the engine begins with a starter - it is an electric motor that gradually spins the engine, it is his pistons and valves that feed a mixture of gasoline and air into the combustion chamber, which is ignited by a spark from a spark plug. At the time of ignition, the starter turns off, and the microexplosion starts the cylinder operation cycle. For normal start-up, you need not only a good starter and a powerful battery, but also a favorable ambient temperature. When the frost reaches -15 ° C, the mixture becomes too cold to start, gasoline mixes worse with air, and at -30 ° C does not mix at all ...

If you are filling candles, the reason may be as follows: at a negative temperature, it is difficult to mix the air-fuel mixture.More oxygen in the air should be compensated by a large amount of gasoline. Therefore, the ECU commands the injector to supply more fuel. Fuel is fed into the combustion chamber, the starter creates compression in the cylinders, simultaneously giving a spark to generate a flash. But since the spark is weak, and the compression does not correspond to the norm, we are confronted with the fact that the fuel that is still being fed into the combustion chamber simply fills in the candles, preventing the spark from flowing.

There are a number of factors that can trigger a situation when pouring candles. This may be a worn engine, the pistons of which cannot create the necessary pressure, as a result of which the engine does not start in the cold. The quality of the spark plugs as well as the spark plug wires, the condition of the carburetor or injector and the quality of the fuel cannot be discounted.

How to act the driver

With a question, why flood candles on the injector, we figured it out. How to "reanimate" the spark? There are at least two ways. First, you can dry the spark plugs using a purge method that is suitable for an injector. To do this, push the gas pedal all the way to the floor, crank the engine with the starter for about 10 seconds and release the pedal. So you shut off the fuel supply and blow out the candles with air.If the method did not help, you need to dry the candles. To do this, they need to be unscrewed, cleaned of carbon with any convenient brush, dried with a hairdryer (if the road is every minute) or above a gas stove. Now you need to check the gap and screw the candles back, and then start the engine as usual. If the problem with spark plugs is not an isolated case, but a daily tradition, you need to replace the candles.

What to do so that the candles do not flood

The cold season is a risk factor for your car. Therefore, before the onset of winter, install a more powerful battery and monitor its charge level. The quality of gasoline and oil also affects the start-up of the engine, in the winter try to refuel only reliable fuel, and at the same time adjust and clean the engine. And of course, you need to control the condition of the candles themselves, and perhaps even replace them with better ones. More information is set out in our article: "What to do if flooded candles?".

When you start the car in the cold, follow the sequence:

  • set the load to the battery,
  • turn it off for a few minutes
  • scroll starter
  • start the engine.

If the launch is still unsuccessful, wait a few minutes and try again. But if these measures do not help, remove the battery at night and store it in a warm place.


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