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Why dream prayer?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
February 18, 2015
Why dream prayer?

To see a person who is praying or himself in a dream is a phenomenon that is rather rare and foreshadows the next changes in life to the dreamer. We offer to find out what the prayer dreams about, in order to be ready for the coming changes.

In a dream, it does not matter whether you recite a prayer by heart or read it from a book. Interpretations of dreams about reading can be found here: Why dream of reading

Prayer: interpretation of sleep

  • The seen prayer in a dream is a sign of an auspicious time for love, search for warmth, good luck and simple human happiness. All troubles, worries, sorrows and misfortunes will recede from you. Do not miss this opportunity, you need to make every effort to use this time fruitfully.
  • For a young woman to see herself reading a prayer in a dream foreshadows a meeting with a young man who deserves to be her chosen one for life. Such a person will be faithful and sincere in his feelings. However, along with changes in your personal life, you will be in trouble with your friends. Because of their envy, they will have to choose between their chosen one and your friends.
  • Reading a prayer for health (yours or someone else's) - wait for a cold or a mild viral disease.
  • To ask prayers for help from the Most High - a difficult period will come in life, for overcoming which you will need the help of faithful friends and family members.
  • Hearing someone else’s prayer in a dream — you have to admit your mistakes in recent affairs.
  • Prayers for your family - quarrels and troubles will soon recede from the doorstep of your house and favorable times will come.
  • Prayer for another person - your relationship will become stronger and more reliable.

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