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Why dream of a mouth?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 2, 2012
Why dream of a mouth?

The mouth is a symbol of food, food, as well as family members. Some people associate mouths with kisses. And why dream of mouth?

The mouth can also be an allegorical symbol of your or someone else's eloquence. Maybe you want to say something, but are you afraid? You turned out to be the unwitting guardian of someone's secret? Or maybe the other way around, would you like to be more eloquent?

The mouth is also a symbol of your home, the hearth. Remember carefully what happened to the mouth in your dream? Did you feel a bad taste? This means that not everything is in order at your home, and you should pay more attention to your household.

Did you feel hair in your mouth in your sleep? Such a dream is a precursor of a throat disease, drink warm milk with honey and take some vitamins for the general maintenance of immunity.

In a dream, some midge flew into your mouth? Sleep draws your attention to its second half. Are you sure of his loyalty? Because this midge can be a symbol of a lover or mistress who will break your family.

Have a nice sleep!


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