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Why dream of a bridge?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
August 2, 2012
Why dream of a bridge?

Bridges in dreams can mean both changes in your life and losses. It all depends on the atmosphere of sleep and each specific situation. Why dream of a bridge?

  • If a bridge appeared in a dream in the place where you least expected it - wait in real life for support and help from the person from whom you least expect it;
  • A durable, beautiful and big bridge is a sign of a favorable outcome of events, luck and a successful set of circumstances;
  • It is safe to pass the bridge in a dream - to overcome the difficulties in life, change for the better and well-being;
  • Pay attention to what kind of terrain surrounds the bridge that you have passed or passed. If you like this area, then you will have a lot of luck;
  • If a bridge, in a dream, is thrown over something resembling an abyss, or some other dangerous place, and you have passed it - it means that in real life, you can safely avoid the danger that looms over you;
  • If you dream of a damaged bridge that cannot be used - wait for failures.

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