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Why dream of eyebrows?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 19, 2015
Why dream of eyebrows?

Depending on the situation in which a person sees his eyebrows in a dream, one can interpret this dream differently. In general, eyebrows mean serious tests that a person must undergo.

In the article we will try to figure out what dream of eyebrows, and whether there are positive moments in such a dream.

Meaning of dream

If a dreamer sees thick eyebrows in a dream, this is to well-being and prosperity, if thin ones - to losses and illnesses.

Eyebrows of dark color mean health, light (painted in light colors) - deception or disappointment.

Shaving eyebrows at night is a bad sign. Such an action says that you are a frivolous and narrow-minded person, and you need to think about your behavior and how people around you see you.

Sleep for woman

If a woman sees eyebrows in a dream or plucks them out, then in real life there will be changes, although not very large ones. In addition, plucking eyebrows - to unpleasant events or bad news (death of a friend or loss). If a woman completely plucked her eyebrows in a dream, then a black stripe is waiting for her.

Owners of unusual eyebrows in a dream should look at their relationship - perhaps a loved one is hiding something. In this case, you need to ask what worries your soul mate.

Coloring eyebrows in a dream promises their owner a secure and long life, but if the eyebrows are of a bright color, then you should beware of deception, which can appear even from the side from which it is not expected.

Sleep for a man

Eyebrows, dreamed of a man, symbolize the unexpected development of love relationships. If you have long and unrequitedly sought the location of your girlfriend, then after such a dream, the courtship will be crowned with success.

Also, eyebrows can mean a meeting with old friends, whom you have not seen for a long time.


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