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Why is the dog itching?

Yana Merichenko
Yana Merichenko
October 13, 2014
Why is the dog itching?

Dog owners may notice that their pet is constantly scratching. This can occur for a variety of reasons, these are the main ones.

Top reasons why a dog itches

  • Parasitic insects such as fleas, lashes, lice. You can determine them by carefully examining the animal. Spreading wool, and if you find black grains, then it is fleas. When lice are visible on the coat transparent bubbles. With wrecking of the eater, in some places the wool looks exactly trimmed.
  • Food and non-food allergies. Usually accompanied by reddening of the skin and pimples. Often, allergies occur when changing feed.
  • The tick causes severe itching, often the owners are faced with otodektozom (ear tick), because of him the dog strongly combs his ears. The tick can also attach to the dog's skin; a veterinarian will help to remove it.
  • Demodecosis or red scabies, with this disease, pustules form on the skin.
  • Worms, often a dog scratches itself because of these intestinal parasites.To protect the animal, do not forget to carry out deworming every six months.

If the dog is itching, it’s best to go to the vet right away to determine the cause and prescribe treatment.


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