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Why doesn't violet bloom?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
December 18, 2012
Why doesn't violet bloom?

Violets without exaggeration can be called one of the most popular and common plants in indoor floriculture. This flower is not particularly demanding of conditions and even with average care can bloom almost all year round.

But what if the plant does not want to bloom? In order to understand why violet does not bloom, you need to consider a few points.


First you need to see in which pot your plant grows. It should be low, but wide. The drainage layer at the bottom should be at least two centimeters. The soil must be loose, breathable and slightly acid. In specialized stores you can buy a special flower primer for violets, and you can make it yourself from vermiculite, sphagnum, peat, perlite with a small amount of charcoal.

It is best to grow this flower in places with a lot of diffused light, but without direct sunlight. If suddenly the light becomes insufficient, the leaves of the violet will grow, pointing up, and not lying horizontally.For additional lighting, fluorescent lamps or phytolamps are usually used, which switch on at a time when the daylight hours are less than 10 hours.

Correct watering

Still worth paying attention to watering. It is desirable to carry out through the pallet. After the ground is wet, the violet is removed from the pan and the remaining water is drained. In winter, watering is carried out much less frequently, but at the same time the earth is completely moistened. Frequent and abundant surface irrigation leads to rotting of the roots and the death of the plant. You also need to remember that irrigation water should not be below room temperature.

Other important growing conditions

In response to the question of how to make violet flower, we can recall a few more growing conditions. Violet is desirable to repot every year. If suddenly the plant stops growing, then it is necessary to remove it from the container and carefully examine the roots. If it is rotten or dry, remove and re-plant the flower in fresh ground. The pot is selected so that it corresponds to the volume of the root system. The diameter of the container should be 2 to 3 times smaller than the outlet of the plant.

A common reason why violet does not bloom is the lack of nutrients in the earth mixture. You can feed the plant weekly, or you can once in ten days, using special fertilizers for violets or for flowering plants.

If the temperature in the room is kept above 23-25 ​​degrees, then at night the flower should be taken out to a cooler room with a temperature of 15-16 degrees, because only at this temperature the flower stalks form. Stimulate flowering by removing the lower leaves, which is carried out only a month after transplantation.

With these simple requirements, your violet will delight you with long and long flowering.


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