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Why does a man need a tongue?

Language is an extremely important organ. It is, as you know, in the mouth. It has a very convenient muscular device that allows you to show it when necessary. But today let's talk seriously about why a person needs a language.

Language as an organ

Language is an organ of taste. On its surface are taste buds (taste-sensing cells). All variety of taste sensations arises from a combination of four basic (bitter, sweet, sour, salty). And the receptors that recognize these tastes are located in different areas of the language.

As part of the digestive system, the language is involved in the mechanical processing of food, distributing it in the mouth, and in swallowing. In infancy, the value of language is generally difficult to overestimate. After all, this organ is the main one in the act of sucking.

Language as an organ of touch perceives heat and cold. Too much food reacts to the pain receptors in the tongue.

By the appearance of the language (color, bloom), you can determine the state of health, so the doctors are asked to show the language during the examination. And by the imprint of the language, by the way, you can identify any person - the shape and pattern of the surface of the language are absolutely individual.

And also, why does a person need a tongue? He participates in the formation of speech sounds and belongs to the active, ie, moving, organs (as opposed to immobile ones - the palate, teeth). The tongue, changing its position, creates obstacles in the mouth for exhaled air. So there is a source of noise, without which there would be no consonant sounds. The specific sound of each vowel depends on the position of the tongue (for example, [and] or [s] with the same position of the lips).

So now try to imagine a person without a language. Neither eat well nor talk. By the way, here is another meaning of the word "language".

Language as a speech

What is speech? This form and means of communication of people. Language originated in the very early stages of the formation of human society. The language was originally a primitive system of certain signals (mimic, sound, tactile) for the transmission of information. People, in the process of joint activities (labor, hunting, etc.), had to somehow coordinate their actions. It is because of the need for communication and there was a speech. It is believed that this happened about 2 million years ago. Gradually articulate speech was formed, contributing to the further development of man, his consciousness and society as a whole.

It's just scary to imagine what would have happened if there hadn't appeared a spoken language. Perhaps humanity would have remained at the lower (primitive) stage of development. After all, it is thanks to colloquial speech that people communicate, accumulate knowledge and experience, and pass them on from generation to generation. Language and thinking are inextricably linked. Language, on the one hand, fixes the results of thinking, and on the other, it contributes to a greater development of thought processes. Thus, language is a means of intellectual activity on which a person’s ability to perceive various images, think, remember, create, imagine, etc., is built.

Now you know everything about the functions of a language and the occurrence of a spoken language. Using this information, even a schoolchild can write an essay: why does a person need a language?


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