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Why do we want to sleep from smoking weed?

My boyfriend smoked and knocked him out!
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Answered 23 march 2015 20:34
The reaction, apparently, your boyfriend is on the grass! Or just tired) You see a guy with adventures at all: he doesn't want to marry you, he gets a drunk ride, now he also sleeps from weed =)
Polina Ponomarenko
Polina Ponomarenko
Aha, yes, not lucky, he didn’t indulge in weed for a long time, and he decided to remember it. But he decided to marry in summer)) I just screwed it up!
Answered March 23, 2015 10:13 PM, Butterfly |
Well, you see, and then all the suffering-experiences) Here I’m talking about the same thing: DO NOT TURN YOURSELF on yourself and invent problems from scratch.

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