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Why do people drink alcohol?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
June 6, 2012
Why do people drink alcohol?

The reasons why people drink quite a lot. This may be a tribute to tradition, the desire to relax or unwind after work, “relieve stress,” just in the cheerful company of friends. Like any other drugs, alcohol makes a person cheerful, talkative. Some drink for courage, some to overcome their shyness or “be on the same wavelength” with the rest. And as long as a person clearly knows “his norm” and he has enough willpower to refuse “extra” drinking, then there is nothing pathological about it. From the point of view of medicine, alcohol is a poison for the body. If a non-drinker drinks a little, then he immediately manifests symptoms characteristic of food poisoning (dizziness, nausea, etc.). This also explains the unpleasantness of the taste and smell of alcohol. All this is a protective reaction of the body to a substance harmful to it. A bad sign when a person has a conscious desire to drink, i.e. The body's defensive reaction weakens. But then why do people drink alcohol, why do they start?

Why do people start drinking

Many from childhood remember how parents invited guests on holidays, spilled spirits and made beautiful toasts. This is a kind of ritual, a tradition that many people get used to from childhood, and when they enter adult life, they also invite guests and make toasts. Some try alcohol out of interest. Someone could not resist the persuasion of friends or superiors to drink "for the meeting." The reality is that simply to give up alcohol during a feast is not so easy. And your reluctance to drink, for example, "for health", can be regarded as aggression. After all, you "do not want health" to the rest! And the main reason why people drink alcohol is because it is “accepted”.

If a person drinks a lot

Many alcohol lovers in the morning have a hangover (nausea, severe headache, disorientation, etc.). The man complains that yesterday he had to drink less. The next feast and the person again gets drunk to unconsciousness and in the morning it all starts again. But then why does a person drink a lot if he knows that he will feel bad afterwards? Here it is necessary to delve a little into human physiology.Alcohol is not a necessary substance for the body. Moreover, the use of alcohol negatively affects all human organs (therefore, in the morning there is a hangover - intoxication of the body). But with regular use, the body gets used, and the person can no longer manage the demon alcohol. Alcohol becomes a necessary substance for metabolic processes. And the person begins to increase the dose in order to achieve the degree of intoxication he needs. And this is a direct path to alcoholism. No matter what a person drinks, beer or vodka, the body will require more and more. In such cases, you need to find out as soon as possible what is pushing a person to a constant “pouring over the collar” and helping him to completely give up alcohol.


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