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Why do not you give expensive gifts

Worse than a girl's silence for fear of offending a fan can only be a friendly reaction to a gift, which in fact is not at all nice for the heart. Nobody advises you to throw a bear with artificial hair “impudent” in the face, demonstrating that the one with his head and imagination is not all right, but one should not imitate artificial joy with the promise of sleeping either. It is enough just to thank for the gift and emphasize that you don’t really like such things. Although it should be a neat but direct statement, otherwise the man will continue to run five minutes before the date and pick up the dusty “it is not clear what it is, but the girls love” from the shelf. If you are constantly being presented with inarticulate trash, the use of which in your life is very doubtful, do not be silent, let me know!

Form his attitude to yourself from the first gift

The gift that you receive at the time of courtship tells you how much man is willing to spend to earn your attention.Note that not only money, but also really strength and energy, because even without indecent financial opportunities, a man may well discourage you with a pleasant surprise: dig up the rare edition of your favorite childhood tale in a book outlet, find a budget young artist and order a portrait - yes whatever, let him think and show imagination.

Why do not you give expensive gifts

Do not let emotional pressure

But the fact of the matter is that not all men are able to show imagination - right there you have to fuss, break your head, organize a brainstorm. And therefore for the majority it is much easier to grab along the way, from which all girls should potentially and guaranteedly groan and sigh simply by the fact of the gift itself. He bought, so be beautiful, good!

At best, after your recognition of his dislike for statuettes, teddy bears and photo frames, he will promise to correct. In the worst case, with your remark you will lead him to a far from gentlemanly behavior. In men who are not ready to waste power, energy, time and money, the bull and red rag mode is activated. From such a wait, you can only emotional pressure in the form of whining about female Wishka, whims and mercantilism,for it is only a weak excuse to throw in this fireplace, and it inflates such men for offense, like Orbis balls for water. You very quickly and unexpectedly learn that you need only one of the peasants, and that it’s necessary that pure, non-material love is not ready today. All this is the usual verbal garbage of a saving dictator who wanted to push through with smaller forces, but it did not work out. Economical (read: greedy) do not change, and therefore exhale, make sure that the loss is small, and sum up the correct result: fate has withdrawn!

His gifts now are a mirror of your family in the future.

If a man saves on gifts and other signs of attention from the first stages of dating, then in the future he is unlikely to correct. Do not dwell in the world of illusions that a man opens his wallet when you get the status of a wife. Practice shows that after a wedding with such a man, you will even have to beg for a steam mop for your birthday in order to create comfort in the house (they used to use an ordinary rag on the floor, and he would simplify his life with a bonus - thanks for that).

It's clear that this is an exaggerated example, but the fact will remain unchanged.If a man at the beginning of a relationship gets used to buying off impractical and not very pleasant gifts, then in the future the situation will become even worse. Life with the years zazhevyvaet, romance is transferred to the sofa with a pizza and a downloaded movie, and the gifts are scant, often postponed for later, because now other spending, and "you are still in the summer, by the way, I wanted, and the dacha is not completed."

Why do not you give expensive gifts

The kind of gifts you expect from a man directly depends on the state of your self-esteem. If you can get your attention with a bag of potatoes, then it's better to stop, turn off the fear of loneliness and fear of passing through mercantile - and pump your confidence up to the status of queen, so as not to make teddy bears, and decorate in beautiful boxes. In vain, or something, Marilyn Monroe out loud the best friends of girls "by name" called, that everyone knew? They, by the way, have become much more accessible now than at the time of the film star, so why do you need this plush stuff then?


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