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Why do muscles grow?

Many of us remember the warlike image of the Terminator, its strong and mobile body. Beautiful and stately figure. But why do muscles grow and what does it depend on? This will help you understand our article.

A person without vocational education has no idea how the body becomes prominent and why muscle growth occurs. Basically this question interests beginner athletes. Often they are impatient and in a short time want to achieve significant results. Only professional bodybuilders know the whole process of muscle growth, proper exercise and the right approach to rest after workouts.

What makes the muscles grow in our body

Half a century ago, humanity did not have a clear answer to this question. People thought that by exercising, they transform fat into strong muscles. Scientists of the time, not having enough good technology, made erroneous conclusions on this issue. Nowadays it is known that muscle growth depends on our gene apparatus.

Human muscles are twenty percent protein, the rest is water.Any muscle in the body is a muscle fiber that consists of myofibrils. During training, it is important for an athlete to build up his muscles, and this is made possible by myofibrils. But too big muscles are not chosen as a priority by evolution, therefore there is a certain gene that does not allow muscles to grow without limit. That is why athletes consume protein. That is why muscles do not grow when an athlete is at home and does not consume additional proteins.

How many muscles grow

Infinite growth, of course, will not. But still the athlete must keep them in good shape. This means that stress helps them grow in volume. For this activity should be intense, but in no case do not harm the health of the trainee.

Hormones are very important for muscle growth: testosterone and insulin, insulin-like growth factor IGF-1. Their presence in the right amount - the conditions for muscle growth. Testosterone increases the volume of the muscle itself, insulin increases the rate of movement of amino acids into the cells of tissues. But do not overdo it with anabolic steroids, because it is harmful to health.

Protein intake

In almost any gym an athlete can buy proteins and other nutritional supplements. They are used to grow muscles after heavy loads. When you eat enough calorie food, the body can use protein as a source of energy. Food must contain a sufficient amount of protein. This is a factor for worthy muscle growth. When you strain a trained part of the body, blood flows in there, supplying tissues with amino acids. This leads to muscle growth.

Always take small breaks during your workout. If you always strain your muscles with the same strength and the same exercises, then, most likely, their growth will stop very quickly or will generally subside. Variety and alternation with rest are conditions for muscle growth. When you feel tired, you will not be able to work effectively enough in the gym. As a result, because of this, the whole workout can be disrupted.

The best solution is to train with several approaches. Your “strength” grows under heavy loads, but also for this you must give your body time for a well-deserved rest.It is very important not to overdo the workouts, otherwise you will “force” your body and not get the desired result. Your muscle tissue will not go to height if you use less than one and a half grams of protein per kilogram of your weight. There is a special protein drink. To use this drink should be strictly in the right quantity before playing sports.

There is no single muscle growth program suitable for each person. You yourself in the process of training and reading specific literature will choose for themselves the right load, diet and proper dosage of food additives. An integrated approach will help to achieve good results. But the most important thing is persistence and hard work.


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