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a guest04.05.17 13:18

why gums redden and swell? and what makes stomatitis on the gums, on the tongue

Hello! very weak gums.


Good afternoon. Very interesting question. But, unfortunately, I can not give a concrete answer. For there are many reasons from plaque and tartar, to diseases of internal organs, such as diabetes. It is necessary to come to an appointment with a dentist and he, after examining and identifying complaints, etc., will be able to answer exactly what problem you have.


Gums can become inflamed by the presence of tartar. Have you been to the dentist? Additionally, the dentist may prescribe procedures on the Vector machine. My husband was assigned a vector in frara dent, expensive, but now her teeth are healthy. You see, because tartar is not only in the visible part of the tooth, but also under the gum. Regular bond cleaning does not remove it, and the Vector device cleans the tartar from the most problematic zones.

And what effect does Vector therapy give, many people write about it, which is effective, but where I go in dentistry I don’t do it, since apparently there is no such apparatus.


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