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Why do gray hair appear

Age changes

For the hair color meets such a component as melanin. With age, its production is significantly reduced, and the hair loses its color. The first gray hair can be noticed by people after coping with their thirties or a little older. If the hair begins to turn gray earlier, then this indicates premature graying.


The preservation of hair pigmentation is largely dependent on hereditary factors, that is, if the parents, as well as grandparents turned gray at a very early age, then most likely you cannot avoid this fate. By the way, scientists proved that Europeans get gray hair much earlier than Africans or Asians.

Health problems

Violation of hair pigmentation can occur due to the presence of various diseases, for example, problems with the thyroid gland, autoimmune disorders, progeria, and so on. Occasionally, gray hair may appear after a course of chemotherapy.

Nicotine addiction

The fact that smoking affects the state of the internal organs and skin is known even to preschoolers. But the fact that nicotine addiction affects melanin production is not known to everyone. According to the conclusion made by trichologists, people who smoke are two and a half times large non-smokers are prone to premature graying.

Lack or lack of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency can provoke not only premature gray hair, but also abundant hair loss. In this case, there is good news, if you diagnose vitamin B12 deficiency in time and replenish it, hair pigmentation will be restored.

How to deal with gray hair?

Naturally, one cannot argue with age or heredity, there is only one way out - to dye your hair.

For those who do not want to use such radical methods, there is a more gentle solution:

- spray and powder to disguise gray roots. These means are applied on the basis of hair and keep until the first washing of the head;

- Tinted shampoos, keep a little longer sprays or powder, the usual enough for a couple of water procedures;

- mascara for hair. Perfectly copes with the separate turned gray locks.

How to delay the appearance of gray hair?

- get rid of bad habits;

- eat foods containing vitamin B12;

- Avoid depression and stressful situations.


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