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Why do children draw?

Drawing is a favorite child activity. Even a very small child, having seized a pen or pencil in his fist cam, already wants to decorate his mother’s magazine, wallpaper in the room or duvet cover with his painting. Having painted a pair of astrakhan fur, the child constantly claims that it is a dad or mom. Children draw on paper everything they notice around. Sometimes parents keep the pictures of their children for memory. But why do children draw? Let's try to understand this issue.

Why do kids like to draw

As you know, children love to draw. And they draw because they like to do it. So they know the world around us. At 80% we perceive the world around us through vision. Most of our fantasies, thoughts, and dreams are shaped by images. Normal children's drawing can tell a lot about what is happening in the soul of a little artist. For a child, drawing is not an art, but a definite speech. Thanks to drawing, he has the opportunity to express all that he does not yet express in words. At the time of drawing the baby is absolutely free. Limitations and prohibitions recede into the background.Most often, children's drawing expresses the interests of the baby. With age, the drawings will be more meaningful. Up to 3 years are lines, dashes or circles. By the age of four, the design of the children's image has already appeared. Consider a few basic rules that parents should know.

  • Child's drawing is an accurate and reliable source of information.
  • From the point of view of personal development, it is necessary to analyze the figure at the age of five years.
  • Up to 5 years, the child’s drawings do not contain basic information, that is, they are uninformative. Since the fingers of the baby are still poorly developed. At this age, you need to teach your child to distinguish colors. For example, if a kid likes red color, it means that he is very active in life. And if the child draws in black colors, then it speaks of aggression.
  • You can not blame the child for what he did something wrong. Through his work, the child learns the world around him, he learns to work hard.
  • When a child draws, he constantly thinks and learns to reason.
  • It is best to draw the baby with other children.
  • It must be remembered that the picture will always reflect the mood (momentary) of the child.You can not judge the nature of the child, only one drawing. The kid could just draw in a bad mood.
  • For drawing it is best to give the child a pencil. He will allow you to see the force of pressure.
  • For drawing young children need to buy large brushes and large paper.
  • It is best to choose paints that do not contain harmful substances. Since the child can taste them.
  • For young children it is not advisable to buy gouache. She has a pleasant smell and the baby can try it.
  • Drawing a child is not a diagnosis. Simply, you should always know what is happening in the shower of your baby.

What do children draw

Children draw patterns, nature, their family, home. First of all, children draw a family. And most often they depict the largest figure of a man, they pay the most attention to it. If the whole family holds hands in the picture, the child feels comfortable in the house. If everyone does his own business, then the family is divided. Raised hands talk about the need for help. If the child draws himself, then he feels unique and special in the house. There is no kid in the picture at all - it means that the child feels unnecessary.The child will draw an unpleasant person with sharp, strong strokes. He draws his favorite people in smooth movements, choosing colorful colors. If a child paints a house without a roof, windows and doors, then this indicates its closeness, shyness. That is, there are some problems in communicating with other people.

Colors convey a certain inner state of the child. So:

  • green - independence, stubbornness, poise, desire for security;
  • blue - calm;
  • violet - intuition, fantasy;
  • red - increased activity, willpower, aggression;
  • gray - indifference;
  • yellow - optimism, positive emotions;
  • black - protest, destruction, internal depression.

Now you know why children draw. Children draw for their pleasure and development.


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