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Why do blacks have a big dick?

Anastasia Shostak
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Is there really any difference between the race of people and the size of the penis? The answer is yes and no. Historians suggest that the size of the penis in blacks inspired white great horror. The white masters, thinking that the black male slaves have penises that are much larger than theirs, feared the sexual contact of a white woman with a black one. They were sure that if a white woman slept with him, then a white man would never be able to satisfy her. And no one knew the answer to the question about why the blacks have big members.

Is it true that blacks have big penises

Most people themselves admit that black people have a much longer penis than whites - but this is only part of the truth. Yes, in an unexcited, calm state, on the whole, in blacks, the size of the genitals has some advantage, but you need to measure them in an excited state and then compare them with the penises of white men. And when this is done, it can be seen that in the length of the members, on average, there will not be a huge difference.One of the doctors of medicine commented on this fact:

"It is quite true that Blacks, in fact, members, are of enormous size, but this applies only to their unexcited, calm state. With erection, they often lose their power, have a small degree of stretching, and therefore their hardening is somewhat lower."

Judging by the data that doctors and scientists have, among the representatives of the Negroid race, penises in an erect state, which were amenable to comparison, do not significantly exceed the penises of white men. The advantage of black men is noticeable, only in a calm state. Studies have clearly shown that the penis of Blacks is longer than that of white men, but this difference in the erect state is expressed on average only 5 cm. Therefore, it is not necessary to say that the largest member of the Negro.


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