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Why is Christmas January 7th?

March 10, 2015
Why is Christmas January 7th?

Christmas along with Easter is considered one of the most important holidays of Christianity. It is always widely celebrated in many countries of the world by parishioners of almost all Christian denominations. However, the day itself, on which the Bright Feast of the Nativity of the Savior falls, is calculated differently. Because of what is happening and why Christmas is January 7th, described in this article.

In Europe and the USA

In the European tradition (as well as in the USA), Christmas falls on the 25th in December. The first evidence of the holiday belongs to 354. Was Christ really born on this very day? Historians claim that such a date was chosen in order to eradicate the pagan tradition of the cult of the Sun. The holiday, which was celebrated on December 25, was very common in those years in the Empire. Today's Catholics continue to celebrate Christmas in December.

In Russia

In our traditions - to celebrate the Nativity of Christ on January 7. This discrepancy in dates compared to European countries is due to the fact that Russian Orthodoxy is calculating according to the Julian calendar.He "lags behind" the Gregorian: the whole thirteen days. Accordingly, December 25th turns automatically into January 7th.

The Julian calendar was introduced in Russia in 1700. And for a long time the date of the celebration coincided for all the churches. Gregorian was introduced in 1918, but Russian Orthodoxy did not use it. Hence the gap in dates.

By the way, some other Orthodox churches adhere to this calendar.


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