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Why brows?

Igor Frolov
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Why brows?

We are accustomed to the fact that all people look about the same: everyone has hands, feet, ears, etc. at birth. But have you ever thought about the purpose of this or that part of the body?

In this article we will try to figure out why people need eyebrows.

Protective function

Perhaps the most useful function of eyebrows is a preventive function. It is not in vain that evolution has preserved vegetation in the eye area on a human face. Eyebrows are excellent protection against sweat, rain and dirt flowing from the forehead, while eyelashes protect them from dust, sand, etc. The organ of vision is one of the most important in the human body. Without it, the chances of survival in previous centuries was minimal. That is why nature has made sure that the eyes are protected as best as possible.

Eyebrows rise above the eye sockets and have hair covering growing in such a way that sweat and other threatening eyesight fluids roll either to the temples or to the bridge of the nose, and not to the eyes.

Communicative function

Another important aspect, why do we need eyebrows, is the expression of emotions and transmission to others.When any of us experiences any strong emotions, be it surprise, anger, etc., our face takes on an appropriate expression. In most cases, such a reaction occurs uncontrollably, but in some cases, on the contrary, we consciously change the facial expression so that our interlocutor can catch our mood. What kind of expression appears on your face depends largely on what form your eyebrows take. Collectively, this refers to the so-called non-verbal aspect of communication. Knowing in advance that a particular gesture or facial expression expresses a certain emotion, people can communicate without talking to each other.

Aesthetic and differentiating functions

It's no secret that the shape of the eyebrows can significantly affect the perception of the image of a person as a whole. What shape and size of eyebrows you have will help a person who sees you for the first time living, will quickly determine your gender, age, and sometimes even race and ethnicity. For example, representatives of the Eastern nationalities eyebrows, as a rule, more dense and wide. This explains why eyebrows are colored, plucked, etc. - in this way people tend to express themselves, or, on the contrary, try not to stand out from the crowd.

Some believe that the shape of the eyebrows can say a lot about a person�s character. This issue deals with physiognomy - the art of determining the type and character of a person according to the features of his face.


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