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Dream world. Until now, scientists can not say how real the world in which we are immersed at the time of sleep. What's happening? And how much is all this real? Are there other worlds in our mind? What can we learn from sleep? How is it useful to us? Let's try to answer these questions, although we have no definite answers. So:

Why are dreams?

During the day, that is, during the time of wakefulness of any creature, including a human being, an enormous stream of information collapses. We notice no more than a few percent of this total. What remains unnoticed must be somehow processed, otherwise the energy that we receive will not be absorbed by the body. While falling asleep, the brain is engaged in processing these very pieces of information that we could not realize and remember during the day. The brain works as an archiver program on a computer. It compresses all volumes of information to an acceptable size and stores them in the depths of our subconscious. In the normal state, we do not have access to such information, although very often the roots of our problems are hidden there.

All the impact that we receive in the course of our life is reflected in us. And not only in our dreams. Any experience, both positive and negative, affects us. This is reflected in our behavior, lifestyle and attitude. Many psychological schools have developed effective techniques for solving vital human problems. The therapists use the dreams of a person and analyze them in detail. Many people find this a huge potential for their existence. Many do not even suspect what they are capable of. That's why people dream. To make full use of their resources. Our consciousness works on the principle of a filter. It happened in the course of evolution. We are not able to perceive all the influences of the environment at one time. There is such a phenomenon as focusing attention, which gives us the opportunity to navigate the environment. This is on the one hand good. In order to clearly and consistently build your life, you need to pay attention to something alone. This paradox is also reflected in popular wisdom: "You will chase after two hares, you will not catch a single one." On the other hand, we lose access to the necessary information.During sleep, there may be such revelations, about which a person would never have thought. It seems to him that this is all nonsense and does not make sense. However, a serious mistake is to think in this way. Any of our dreams is our "naked" personality. Through a dream the essence of a person and his basic needs are visible.

Why do you have scary dreams?

In psychotherapy, there are two reasons for the formation and reflection of terrible dreams by the brain. It should be immediately noted that terrible dreams are associated with rare situations that haunt a person. As a rule, such situations cause a great emotional response and experiences. Our brain tries to work out this material and relive it in a dream, because in everyday life we ​​do not have the time and energy for these experiences. Mostly terrible dreams haunt people who have survived or are experiencing the turning points of their lives. Those situations that have not received their emotional reflection are to us in the form of terrible dreams, from which we are horrified. The brain throws a person into this state in order to properly process the information and thereby get rid of it. It is vital. It is necessary for the integrity of the psyche.

But it happens that terrible dreams haunt a person constantly and often. This suggests that the brain simply can not cope with the influx of negative information and constantly treats a person. This situation is fraught with the development of mental illness. It is known that many events of our life can traumatize us psychologically. Because of this, have terrible dreams. And if you do not work out the problem with a psychologist or independently, then the information of a negative hue about this event remains in our heads. Such blocks with negative information can accumulate a large number, which will adversely affect our well-being. As a result of the accumulation of negative information, we risk acquiring a serious mental disorder. And that means a serious risk to our lives.


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