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Why are the candles black?

Sitkova Diana
Sitkova Diana
April 15, 2013
Why are the candles black?

A spark plug is a device that ignites an engine's air-fuel mixture. The color changes the ceramic insulator of candles, as a rule, due to the deterioration of the engine or a change in the composition of the fuel mixture, carbon deposits gradually form on it, which is why the candles are black. For the same reason, candles are considered the best indicator of engine performance.

When the candles turn black the same

Why do black plugs blacken? If all the candles are blackened the same way, then the cause may be clogged muffler, later ignition, enriched fuel mixture. About clogged muffler says the increase in the concentration of harmful substances in the exhaust gas and increased exhaust back pressure. In addition, early knocking may be indicated by strong knocks in the engine. If both reasons are excluded, then it is possible that a rich fuel-air mixture is involved.

When one candle evenly blackens

Why is black soot on candles uneven? If only one of the sets of candles has turned black, this may indicate a failure of the candle itself,the failure of its wire or tip, or the failure of the cylinder to which it corresponds. To locate the cause, swap the black and any of the white candles and make a 15-minute check in by car. If the black candle became cleaner, and the clean one that was put in place for it became black, then the cylinder is faulty. If the candles have not changed color, then the reason is in the candle. Ideally, you do not need to replace the candles in places, but to replace the set with a new and obviously serviceable one, after which the control trip will produce a more accurate result: if the new candles remain clean, then the reason was a malfunction of the candles themselves.

When the candle turns black unevenly

When you have black spark plugs, the reason may be hiding in a leaky fit of the valve, burning it out, an imbalance in the timing belt or a violation of the throughput capacity of the exhaust system. In this case, the candle turns black only on one side. If only the cone of the ceramic insulator blackens, and the top remains light, as well as the electrodes, it means that the candle does not correspond to the engine by its heat rating, and it must be replaced with a hotter one.If the cone remains clear and the top of the insulator turns black, then the candle opposite it is too hot for this type of engine.


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