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Why am I ugly?

Olga Koval
Olga Koval
March 11, 2015
Why am I ugly?

Every woman is very anxious about her appearance, she so wants to look beautiful and attractive. But looking in a mirror, a girl does not always see her appearance, which corresponds to the canons of beauty. “Why am I ugly?” A young girl wonders. To answer this question, you should first think about what is meant by beauty? What girl was considered beautiful at different times?

Canons of beauty

Thirty years ago, Twiggy was a canon of beauty - a slim model that literally turned all the concepts of beauty. For many years, girls and women who did not have a slim figure literally tortured themselves with diets in order to at least somehow comply with these canons. But in the Renaissance, a woman was considered beautiful when she had forms that we now call Rubensian. And in the XVIII century, a woman was not considered beautiful if she was not a blonde, and brunettes had to dye their hair or wear wigs.

Today, natural beauty and feminine forms are in fashion.Beautiful are girls with slim figure, clear skin and natural hair color. But on the islands of Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Jamaica, a woman is still considered beautiful only if her weight has passed over a hundred kilograms.

Therefore, if you consider yourself ugly - look at this situation from the other side. After all, everything is quite subjective, to someone you will surely seem like a true beauty.

How to become beautiful

For women, it is very important to feel beautiful, and therefore each is trying to emphasize their attractive aspects. People are born different - not everyone is as beautiful as they would like. But after all, there are almost always beneficial aspects of appearance that can be emphasized: they can be beautiful eyes, delicate skin, or luxurious hair. You just need to find your own flavor and highlight it. Attractive looks neat appearance, well-groomed figure, hair and nails, but also attract people and the internal qualities of a woman, her mind, ability to keep the conversation going. All this may not be given by nature, but each girl is able to develop these virtues in herself.

If you are not satisfied with something your appearance, read our article What to do if I'm ugly - it will help to achieve the desired results.

The ability to find a common language with people, high moral qualities often make the most ordinary-looking girl attractive. This is often neglected by beautiful girls, who believe that appearance is the main thing. And this is one of the reasons why beautiful people often do not like. A beautiful woman sometimes behaves dismissively or arrogantly with other people, feeling her superiority. In addition, beauties can dislike out of banal envy.


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