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Why a girl should not pay for her boyfriend

No, of course, globally, he owes nothing to anyone, as we all do. He should only me, if he wants to communicate with me. However, I do not force anyone. You do not want - do not pay, do not communicate. Why so scream?

I'll tell you why: yelling men who can not pay. Or do not want. Screaming women who live with beggars or snares. All of them somehow have to justify their miserable situation, and the best way to calm themselves is to take your soul on someone like me.

But let's calm down for a moment and imagine that I was not always the same as now. I used to be like you. Yes Yes. I even kept my two men. Official husband and roommate. And two times I lived with rich boyfriends, leading a separate budget. So the categories of men “I can’t pay” and “I don’t want to pay” are familiar to me firsthand.

Yes, I earned good money, and I did not need to sit on anyone's neck. All only for love. I still strive for financial independence,however, I no longer can and do not want to maintain anyone or maintain a separate budget. And also, surprisingly, for reasons of "only for love." I'll tell you in order.

About the husband to tell especially there is nothing. Well, a man lost his job. What is it now - in the trash, or what? I'm not a mercenary stinker, I love him. I'll help you, than I can. Helped and supported the year. And he played computer games and was not going to not only that for work, but even for an interview. He had a crisis. In 25 years, yeah. He experienced this state very comfortably.

A loving, caring wife and a pivasa will bring, and the shirt will pat, and in a cafe at a meeting with friends will pay for two. Graduate from the university, get the rights, buy a car and will carry hubby for a walk

A year later, I realized that this format suits him perfectly, but I don’t. And she left.

Why a girl should not pay for her boyfriend

The next time I fell in love with a promising boy younger than myself. He was so beautiful that I took him into the house for a while, dressed him, shod, fashionably sheared and waited for him to start a career. I was ready to wait a long time. In me, the theory of the "lieutenant" was very well beaten from my childhood, and I was determined to implement it.Don't worry about anything, honey, go to your dream, and I'll just be there. And I also have a gift for you. Just like that, without a reason, I love you!

But time passed, and the boy did not hurry to success. He took a loan for half of his penny salary in order to donate money to parents for the construction of a guest house on a country plot. And I was constantly reproached with my own money. He blamed that I had built a career through the bed, then I demanded to live in his murdered odnushke in Lobnya. But at the same time I was in no hurry to move out of my apartment on Kutuzovsky. And I did not hesitate to take my car to drive. And he himself waited for his father to find a warm place. His family ties were strong.

After two years of hope, I finally became convinced that I was a complete idiot, and threw him out.

After this came the turn of wealthy men with a European mentality. There were two of them, in the format “I will pay for the restaurant, I'll take it on vacation, and you solve your own problems”

Fair enough, I decided. After all, a restaurant and a vacation are his pleasure. And he pays for his pleasure to be brighter in my company. And they lived like that. All for love. You forgive me that I did not insist on paying for my part of the holidays.

Just when my income and his income differ by an order of magnitude, it’s somehow even embarrassing to offer to deposit your crumbs into the budget. Translating into your language, it's like buying a closet, from which you are able to pay one shelf. And buying a cupboard for him is like buying a cinnamon bun for you.

In general, they paid for vacations.

One of them suggested dividing the cost of renting an apartment in half when we arrived. I was surprised (well, remember a cupboard, a shelf, a bun?) And dared to refuse. That's when the first mercantile thought crept into my head. It seemed to me such a strange offer, because he had just bought a new car for 6 million, without even bothering to sell the old one! Is it really a disaster? But I quickly crushed this thought, and we began to live happily in love and harmony.

But at that moment, when the word “problems” caught up with me for real, I realized that this was not a metaphor. I will really solve them myself.

Why a girl should not pay for her boyfriend

Let me remind you, there were two of them. Both were beautiful, successful, charming. For each just got a problem.

And, you know, to solve your problems by yourself, to take over girlfriends to re-charge and re-give to your salary, when a man sleeping in bed with you, for whom this is just a mouse scuffle (cinnamon bun), is very unpleasant. And sleep worsens, and libido falls, and the mood is not very.Love somehow fades against the background of all this independence and disinterestedness. After all, this is not about money. This is about feelings, support, intimacy, empathy. Which in fact, as it turns out, no.

And then I realized that if I myself would solve my problems, then why do I need a man? Let and beautiful and secured. I will shed tears for losing my job and I don’t have a penny, and he will come home and boast a new iWatch. Pampered himself, baby, can afford.

Since then, I have no man.

Because now I can only love a wealthy guy who will not sit on my neck and will not share the budget. Which will solve my problems if need be. Others I just can not respect, and therefore I can not love. Everything I write about money is really about love. Love is not counting how much you have spent on your woman and how much she has on you. Love is to give her everything you need and even indulge a little. And, of course, love is reciprocity. And the fact that I, in turn, will do everything for my man, is no reason to doubt.


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