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Who needs me?

Vasa Lokki
Vasa Lokki
1 March 2013
Who needs me?

Exit near. Whatever happens, there is one person to whom you are very necessary and expensive, and no one will replace him. This man is you. Paradoxically, the very first answer to the question of who needs me is to myself. Think about yourself, don't you love yourself? After all, you are a wonderful and exceptional, "a man in the prime of life," as old Carlson said.

Call parents

Take a look around. Your parents need you. Maternal love is the strongest love on this planet. Mom rejoices at all your successes, and grieves at all your failures, but her love does not depend on either the first or the second. The best happiness for parents is a happy son. A happy person can only make himself. Therefore - forward, life is a constant series of victories and defeats. As they say, not the one who never fell is successful, but the one who has always risen.

You also need your wife very much, or, if you are not married yet, to your girlfriend. They are by nature much weaker than men, and therefore they need your strength, calmness and self-confidence.If you have no one at the moment - this is not a reason to despair and to ask the question - who needs me? See point one, if you do not like yourself, how can someone else love you?

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Do not forget about friends, they also really need you. Friends are known in trouble, this is true, but they want to be friends with a man who knows how to cope with difficulties and who by his example shows them that a strong person is able to overcome any obstacles. It delights and captivates. There are different periods, everyone understands this perfectly, but friends will come to help in a difficult moment.

Being strong is always impossible. But do not aggravate. Nobody needs whiners - this is true. But you are not a whiner. And to fall into depression is peculiar to any person. The main thing to remember is that your loved ones need you, and they expect strong actions from you, maybe even an example to follow. Or vice versa, friends by their example can help you look at your problems from the side and solve them. Unsolvable problems do not exist. Everything is in your hands and in your head!

Drop sad thoughts and do anything. Do not sit alone and do not dig for yourself.Set any goal in front of you, to begin with any smallest one, reach it, and it will immediately become easier for you. Then again and again, and then gradually let go of depression, and you will clearly see how much, in fact, people need you.


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