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Who is the supervisor?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
April 25, 2012
Who is the supervisor?

Nowadays, many names of various professions are borrowed from the USA. That is why many, for example, do not know who the supervisor is. In this short article we will briefly describe what kind of profession it is and what are the responsibilities of the supervisor.

Supervisor. Who is it?

The duties of the supervisor include control over the work of sales representatives. No wonder this post has the name: “to supervise” - from English “watch”. A supervisor is a kind of foreman in the field of trade. Any sales representative who plans his career in the trade sector, wants to become a supervisor in the future.

Each supervisor has a team of sales representatives. For each of these sales representatives, the supervisor is the immediate superior. The supervisor selects people for his team and is responsible to the superiors for sales, fulfillment / non-fulfillment of the plan.

As a rule, in the morning the supervisor holds a meeting where he sets goals and motivates his team.During the day, the supervisor can both monitor his team remotely (using phone calls or a GPS tracker), and personally spend a whole day with one of the sales representatives. In the evening, the supervisor, at the company's office, analyzes the sales of his team of sales representatives and holds an evening meeting.

Supervisors earn quite a lot (although everything depends on the trading company, of course) compared with the same sales representatives. But, without experience in trade, it is impossible to become a supervisor.


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