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Which tampons are better?

Ekaterina Zhukova
Ekaterina Zhukova
December 19, 2012

Hygienic tampons are undoubtedly a very useful and convenient invention, because modern women live a very active life, and it is important for them that it remain so during critical days. What are tampons made of, how do they differ from each other, which tampons are better to choose for swimming or playing sports? All this we will try to find out.

What are the best tampons?

All tampons are made by the same technology, from extruded material that absorbs moisture. As for which tampons are the best, it depends on the individual characteristics of the female body. For example, you can choose suitable ones based on the amount of discharge: Normal, Super or Super Plus. The latter type of tampons are also suitable for swimming and sports.

There are flavored tampons, but with a tendency to allergies they should not be used. As for which tampons are better - with or without an applicator - then know that tampons with an applicator, sucking in moisture, increase more in length, and without an applicator - in width.Therefore, the possibility of the flow of the first slightly higher, but they are much more hygienic, because tampons without an applicator should be introduced only with clean hands, and this is not always possible.

Which tampons are best bought?

After examining the demand for these products, you can understand which tampons are good and which are not very good. Russians prefer three types of tampons: "o.b.", "Tampax" and "Kotex". Tampax is made from a mixture of cotton fiber and viscose. Convenient applicators guarantee complete hygiene of the injection procedure. Kotex tampons are characterized by flexibility and the ability to easily take the desired shape in the vagina. And women like modern packaging of tampons from this company. “O.b.” tampons are compact and comfortable, have a silky coating for easy insertion, as well as spiral-shaped grooves that protect against leakage.

Any hygienic tampons are good because they are not leaking when used properly, they do not hinder movement, allowing women to remain cheerful, active and beautiful during any period of their life.


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