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Where to shoot a guy?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
October 28, 2014
Where to shoot a guy?

Short-term relationships, say, for one night, are fraught with both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the fact that I spent the night with a man - and no consequences in terms of complaints and grievances. So to say, enjoyed and fled. Cons - not the fact that you get the most pleasure, because you do not know a partner at all. So there are no guarantees in this matter. But let's still figure out where you can rent a guy for one night?

Places for "catching"

The 100% option is entertainment facilities (night clubs, bars, cafes and so on). The option is actually guaranteed. But here there are some nuances, because a lot will depend on the choice of location.

  • For example, you get to the bar where bikers gather. You will find a partner among strong men without problems. But you will definitely spend the night with a bearded man, from whom you will be blown away by cigarettes and fume.
  • The same applies to the cafe, where fans gather online games. Good guys, calm, many of them are well versed in computers and programs.But be sure that you can not wait for sex. But the stories about how to pass one or another level in any game - this is please, at least until the morning.
  • And in a nightclub, where the music sounds before dawn, and everyone seems to be busy dancing, you can easily remove a guy. The fact is that they come here not only to dance. Many have the goal - to remove the girl. So choose if you like outwardly, then go ahead. In this institution it does not matter who meets first: a man or a girl. Therefore, the initiative from you will be perceived positively.

Another place for a man to remove is gyms. Of course, go here to pump up. But it is here that athletes gather, the guys are strong and healthy. The probability of withdrawal is not the same as in the club, but even here there are guys who will spend the night with such a beautiful girl with great pleasure as you.

Can I find a partner for short meetings on the Internet? You can, for this there are dating sites. Choose any, create your account on it. Now hammer in the search: looking for a guy for one night. Do not believe how many candidates there will be, and with telephone numbers.Choose, call, negotiate. Tip - keep the connection better via Skype. You can not only hear it, but also see it. Suddenly on the site photo handsome, but in fact it is some kind of grandfather making fun.


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