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Where to make love?

The question of where to indulge in love joys is especially relevant in two cases: either you have problems with housing, and it is cold outside, or you cannot stand the monotony. Whatever it was, our advice will tell you a few good options where to make love.

  • Cinema. Places for kissing. Believe me, they serve not only to watch movies and innocuous "kisses". It is very convenient here (especially when it comes to the last session) to have oral sex, petting, quick intercourse, a long and romantic prelude, a group orgy - in general, all that is usually shown in porn movies. The main thing is to choose a company, as they say, without complexes, so that the restrictions do not interfere. Well, and, of course, do not do this if a married couple with children is located nearby: you will cause a serious psychological trauma to the children.
  • Public transport. Mostly, the subway. Here, where you can make love, if you have nowhere to go. You get up early in the morning, to his very discovery. You practically will not have fellow travelers.You occupy an empty carriage, and - go ahead, to conquer the expanses of love and sex. Romance, coupled with a light extreme: almost no success at this time, and the car itself is a bit like a train.
  • You can use for this purpose and empty night trolley, the next depot. True, the driver and the conductor will have to pay extra to not peeped.
  • A separate song - the top shelf in the train. Better, of course, coupe. But for extreme, reserved seats won't hurt either. Catch the usual rhythm of the train and - move to the beat.
  • The audience at the university. Option for mega-complexless extremes. The fact is that the total absence of spectators cannot be avoided - after all, a lecture, the people are learning. Yes, and teachers are unlikely to close their eyes to such a mess. So you have to look for blind-hearingly lecturers and rely on the favor of classmates.
  • Public toilets. Unpleasant, dirty, unsanitary, but if you really want, but there is nowhere else to go, it will fit. Just choose a booth with a tight-closing door, otherwise it’s not even an hour, someone will join, unwittingly. 5. Entrance. Trite, of course, but the nerves tickles.Besides the fact that love passersby can prevent love idyll, a separate risk comes from the residents themselves. Compassionate grandmothers, grandfathers, and simply those who are eager for peace within the walls of their home, can seriously harm a couple. At best, by calling the police, at worst - by arranging lynching with elements of castration.
  • To be less noticeable, you can get into the elevator. Be safe in advance and click the "Stop" button. But be prepared: not all elevators are equally resilient. Some may not sway off the characteristic bouncing movements of two lovers.
  • Taxi. An option for those who have something to pay, but it is no longer interesting to engage in sex in a hotel or in a rented apartment. He generously rewarded the driver for his own ignore and - the rush came. By the way, drivers are usually not used to such things. Suddenly prompt something interesting on the topic? 7. Away. Brazenly and cynically in relation to the owners, but you will not go against nature: it’s necessary, it means it’s necessary. They came, treated the tenants with a cake or a good drink, and themselves - in solitude. If you got to the party, it's perfect. And do not have to justify. Here only among other guests may appear those who want to join.
  • Where to make love yet? In club.Special gusto - right on the dance floor in the heart of bursting music and dancing bodies. Here, everything contributes to the extreme sex marathon: and the twilight, and the mysterious flickering light, and extras - what dance you do, few will understand.
  • In the mall. It can be tough - where numerous people go, for example, in a darkened corner of the corridor. It is possible in the old manner: in the fitting rooms of shops. Just do not make too much noise, and then quickly spotted and - punished.
  • In an abandoned building or in the factory. It has its own romance - a hint of ghosts, a mysterious twilight, the possibility of the audience (a couple of strollers will surely be nearby). If it happens in factory warehouses or in the workshop, it is better to negotiate with the guard. And then get in the buttocks on a hard saline charge. Then surely there will be no love.

And this is not all the places where you can make love in the winter or summer, and at other times of the year. Turn on the fantasy, gentlemen, turn off the shame and - let the will of the natural instincts.


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