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Where to look for builders to repair an apartment in Moscow?

We bought an apartment in Moscow without repair, very killed, but maybe it is for the best, we will do everything for ourselves, everything is new. I want to work with the designer to first make the project, and then look for people to do the work. I looked for reviews on the Internet about various construction companies and read reviews about the GK foundation, like most customers are satisfied with their work. Did someone refer to them?
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Elena Levchenkova
Elena Levchenkova
Answered on April 8, 10:30
And how many rooms in your apartment? Have you already decided on style? Look through the catalogs with examples of interiors, select what you like and look for private explanatory, it will be cheaper.
Answered on April 8, 10:50
We also bought an apartment without repair, but inexpensive. A friend of his wife helped with the design, and I already through my friends found contractors for repair, but did it for a very long time, I am not satisfied.
Natalya Surko
Natalya Surko
Answered on April 8, 11:00
If the budget allows, feel free to contact us, you will fool less with the purchase of materials and furniture, such companies take money for doing everything for you, but repair usually takes a lot of time and effort.

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