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Where to go to work

It should be soberly assess their capabilities, think carefully about everything. “Hurry up - make people laugh!” - this popular wisdom is very well suited to this situation. We must decide: do you want to look for work within Russia, or do you plan to try your luck abroad? If we are talking about working in another region of Russia, your task is greatly simplified, because there will be no language barrier, other legislation, you will not have to bother with getting a visa, getting permission. It only remains to find out where your working hands or skills will be needed and under what conditions. Traditionally high incomes of workers in the Far North, especially in areas related to the oil and gas industry, geological exploration, construction. But you should know that the harsh climatic conditions and heavy physical exertion impose stringent requirements on the health of the candidate. You can inquire about the availability of vacancies in other regions (such data are regularly published on the websites of the administrations of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, indicating the positions and approximate salaries).You can also use the services of "word of mouth" - ask around countrymen who worked in other regions on a rotational or brigadier basis, look for job ads in the media, etc. The main thing is not to act at random, that is, without preparation. If you decide to look for work outside Russia, a lot depends on your specialty, age, skill level, degree of proficiency in the language of the country that you liked. Whether foreign specialists are required, in what quantity, in what specialties, and how you can get a work permit in general - all this information can be found on the embassy website. Examine it very carefully. Take the time and effort to gather as much information as possible. Here you can help the Internet. At the same time, keep in mind that only a truly highly qualified specialist, moreover, not in any profession, can immediately count on good conditions. In most cases, Russians are offered low-paid jobs.

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