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Where to go to work in the summer?

In the labor market, summer is a special period. While the majority of workers go on vacation and almost no one recruits new workers, a lot of temporary vacancies and places for additional work are formed. Even schoolchildren and students, who are known to find it difficult to find work under normal conditions, are happy to take these places. About where to go to work in the summer, we will tell in this article.

Work in an amusement park

From spring to autumn, all kinds of parks and amusement rides open their doors. And of course, for their service requires staff. You can try your luck and try to get a cashier at one of these attractions. If you are more interested in working in public catering, you can get a job selling ice cream, cotton candy and soft drinks or a waiter in one of the many summer cafes located in the park.


New outlets in the summer appear not only in the parks. Across the city, like mushrooms after rain, ice cream counters, kvass barrels and other non-stationary shopping facilities for which vendors are required grow.If you are not afraid of the prospect of spending at least 9 hours outdoors in all weather conditions, be it scorching sun or summer rain, then this work is for you.

Tourism industry

In the summer, tourism also flourishes. For those who have at least basic knowledge of English and would like to change the situation, there is an opportunity to go to work abroad for a contract for a few months. There are mainly active young people who can work as waiters, maids, animators, hostesses, etc. as an artist in a hotel or on any cruise liner.

If you are looking for a place to get a job in the summer within your own country, you can direct your eyes to the coastal cities. There, in the summer, waiters, shop assistants, cooks, service personnel are also badly needed.


In the summer, travel agencies open new directions and sightseeing tours for holidaymakers. In most cases, no special knowledge will be required from you.Before you will conduct a training course in which you will be told about everything that you will later have to tell yourself. You only need attentiveness, sociability and fast learner. At such work, you can not only earn, but also expand your horizons and acquire new knowledge.

Harvest pickers

Another popular summer job is the crop collector. Although this work is quite difficult from a physical point of view, you can make good money on it. Payment can be either fixed or depend on the total amount of the crop you have harvested. One way or another, it will be much higher than the average wage in your region.

Entertainment industry

The professions of animators, presenters, decorators and other workers in this field can also be classified as seasonal jobs. Summer is the most sought-after time for all kinds of celebrations, especially weddings. Holiday agencies lack their full-time staff, and they begin to attract various assistants. If you show yourself well in the summer period, you may be offered a full-time position in this company.


If you have a sports physique, then you can easily get a job as a security guard in a nightclub or cafe. Of course, work is not the safest, especially in summer, but it is adequately paid. In addition, in some cases, you can acquire useful links that will be useful in the future.

However, the absence of impressive physical parameters is not a reason to refuse this vacancy - in shopping stores and boutiques take not only strokes.


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