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Where to go after the 11th grade?

The 11th grade is over, the last bell rang, the graduation ball has ceased. A former student becomes an adult, an applicant, and then a student. And a new interesting life begins. However, in order to become a student, you must first decide where to enter after the 11th grade, as well as thoroughly prepare for admission.

Choice of profession

When choosing a future profession, you should not obey your parents or follow someone's advice. A person must decide on his future profession. First you need to decide which area of knowledge is closest to you. What subject is interesting and easier for you than others? And do not forget about your hobby, perhaps the future profession will be associated with it. Think about what you would like to do all your life or at least for a long time. After all, the work you choose is not a year.

If it is difficult for you to decide what to become, you can pass the career counseling tests or contact psychologists. They will help identify your inclinations.

Educational establishments

After you have decided who you want to become, you must choose an educational institution. These may be higher education institutions or specialized secondary schools.


After grade 11, you can enroll in an academy, institute or university. Education in universities lasts from four to six years. After four years of study, you can get a bachelor's degree, and then a specialist and master's.

Technical College or College

Secondary special schools prepare junior specialists. After the 11th grade in such institutions it will be necessary to study 2-3.5 years. After graduating from college, you can enroll in the third year of higher education.


Schools may be:

  • Humanities (State Academic University of Humanities);
  • technical (Moscow State Technical University);
  • economic (Institute of Management, Economics and Innovation);
  • legal (Institute of Business and Law);
  • medical (Russian National Research Medical University);
  • architectural (Moscow Architectural Institute);
  • agricultural (Moscow state agro-engineering university);
  • focus - information technology (Institute of Communication Technologies);
  • Pedagogical (Moscow City Pedagogical University);
  • orientation - culture and art (Higher Theater School them. Schepkin).

Unified State Exam

Each student is obliged to pass the EGE (unified state exam). Based on the results of this exam, you can enroll in secondary and higher education institutions. Individuals who have passed this exam are issued a certificate of its results.

Specialties and EGE

Choose the subjects for which you will take the exam, it is necessary, depending on the institution and specialty that you have chosen. If you want to become a lawyer, you will have to pass history, Russian language and social studies. If you prefer the profession of a programmer, then you need to pass the mathematics, the Russian language and computer science. The specialty �designer� implies the surrender of Russian literature and the Russian language, as well as the creative task (drawing, painting). If you are attracted to the profession of economist, you will need to pass the mathematics and the Russian language, as well as social studies. If you see yourself as a translator, of course, you will have to pass a foreign language, as well as Russian language and literature.The future journalist should pass the Russian language and literature well, as well as write a good essay. We chose the profession of an architect, which means that we must turn in history, Russian language and mathematics, and in addition, we will have to turn in drawing. Well, and the future doctor should pass biology, Russian language and chemistry.

As you can see, you need to choose such items that you can pass for good grades. If you want to become a programmer, but you don't know computer science and math well, it will be quite difficult to enroll. We will have to go through the whole program from scratch, and do not forget that in the process of studying at the institute, you will have to study these same subjects again, but at a higher level. Of course, it is necessary to prepare for the Unified State Exam in advance. It is necessary to work on their own or with a tutor. It is advisable to study the entire program in those subjects that you are going to pass on admission.


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