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Where to get a dog?

For any owner, his dog is more than an ordinary pet, such as a parrot, for example, or a hamster. A dog is a vigilant watchman, a companion on walks and a faithful friend who understands everything, and cannot speak. If you also intend to get a four-footed shaggy friend, before you start looking for a puppy, you should decide what kind of dog you need. From this depends largely on where to get the dog.

Where can I get a dog: options

Dog shows

If you are a wealthy person and want to have a “prestigious” dog of the cleanest blood, which will be admired by others, or you dream of cups, gold medals and certificates, then you have a road to a dog show. Visit several exhibitions, look there for the dog of your dreams and agree with its owner on the purchase of a puppy.

Specialized dog kennels

If you plan to participate in exhibitions or want to try your luck and start breeding puppies for sale, then you need a purebred dog with all the necessary documents.Buy it better in a dog kennel. You can find the address of the kennel that specializes in breeding dogs of the breed you are interested in on the Internet or in a special canine journal. Buying a puppy in the kennel, you get a guarantee that he is healthy and pedigree.

At a private breeder found through a canine club

Contact the cynological club, which is available in your city, and there they will advise you who you can contact on this issue. Puppies purchased from decent private breeders who are members of a cynological club are no worse, and sometimes even better, than puppies acquired in the nursery. Needless to say, such a puppy will meet all breed standards. In addition, he will have all the necessary documents, and you will always have the opportunity to contact the breeder for advice.

According to the announcement

Many private breeders often advertise puppies for sale in newspapers or magazines. Similar announcements can also be seen in some pet stores, whose owners allocate special stands for them in their establishments.

Through friends or acquaintances

If you do not need a purebred dog with all the documents, ask your friends or acquaintances whether they have in mind the owner of a dog who sells cheap or distributes puppies for free. Thus, it is sometimes possible to acquire a completely decent pedigree (or almost pedigree) dog for a nominal fee.

Bird Market

The bird market is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to acquiring a dog. But we do not recommend buying a puppy there: dishonest sellers, second-hand dealers and other businessmen have tarnished the former glory of bird markets. If the breed is not so important for you, do not waste your money and buy a better mongrel dog for the “penny” from your grandmother standing in the subway.

In the shelter or on the announcement "I will give in good hands."

If you are not vain, do not plan to breed dogs and are not going to participate in dog shows and you only need a devoted friend, then you can search for an ad in the newspaper or take a dog from a shelter to your house.

Pick up on the street

In a pinch, you can just pick up a stray puppy you liked. In doing so, you will do a good deed and, possibly, will find the most faithful and devoted friend.


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