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Where to buy a cool New Year sweater

Sweater with Christmas tree toys

They say it is worth decorating the Christmas tree, and the New Year mood will immediately appear. If you decide to give it up at all, buy at least a sweater with the image of the main symbol of the holiday or Christmas balls - it does not take much space, it gives the mood (to others for sure), and it also warms you. Some advantages!

H & M sweater with Christmas tree

H & M sweater with Christmas tree (1 499 rub.)

Sweater with deers

Do not like ironic prints - choose a more classic version of Christmas sweater, with deer. This is an excellent option in case of casual friday at work, and for apres-ski in a ski resort.

Deerz Sweater With Deer

Deerz sweater with deer (4,890 rubles)

Sweater with penguins

This option we liked his deliberately girlish pink color and chaotically scattered penguins in New Year's caps. On the one hand, he is very infantile, on the other - what you need for a lazy winter vacation, when only a skating rink or a visit is planned.

Topshop Penguin Sweater

Topshop Penguin Sweater (£ 20 at discount)

Sweater with a skier

So could your New Year's photo card look like.If you decide to spend your holidays in your hometown, lazily discussing plans for the coming year with friends during brunch, or visiting your parents (and not conquering the slopes of the Alps or the Carpathians), then do not forget to visualize - everything will surely come true someday.

Deerz Sweater with Skier

Deerz sweater with a skier (5 290 rub.)

Snowman sweater

At first glance, this sweater is quite ordinary, but you should take a closer look, as you will notice not only the jacquard pattern. Funny snowmen, located in the bottom of the sweater, as if hinting that you are a serious girl, but not devoid of a sense of humor.

Oysho sweater with snowmen

Oysho sweater with snowmen (2 999 rub. On discount)


Have you been out of that age when you can wear a Christmas sweater? No problem, we found other (no less cool) options. You can pay attention to the jacquard pattern sweaters, or, as they are often called, ski. This year they are among the main trends of the season, so there is a choice for every taste.

Belucci Sweater

Belucci sweater (2 790 rub.)

Another suitable option is a sweater with braids. At first glance, too simple. But here's the paradox: we often wear this thing in the winter season, and she herself is associated with domestic warmth and comfort.This sweater looks great in the company of jeans and uggs, trousers and skirts made of costume or cloth, as well as leather or suede.

Stradivarius sweater with braids

Stradivarius sweater with braids (1 899 rub.)

More fun option - with colored beads and fringe. This sweater resembles multicolored light bulbs, which are usually hung on windows or a Christmas tree. Dare to wear this?

Zara Sweater with Beads and Fringe

Zara sweater with beads and fringe (2 999 rub.


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