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The car has joined our daily life for quite some time. By purchasing a car, we buy not only a means of transportation, but also comfort and independence from urban, and in general, any type of transport. In addition, for many people, a car is an object of adoration and courting. Let's talk about the technical aspects of using a car. So:

Where is the engine number?

As a rule, the engine number of your car is depicted on the components of its motor. But, unfortunately, many motorists often experience decent difficulties in finding it. This is due to the fact that the location of the numbers and engine codes depends on their manufacturers. Usually, the place of designation of attributes, the manufacturer chooses without consulting with others. And so it turns out that each brand hides the engine number in its particularly secluded place.

However, despite this fact, the code and engine number is displayed on its lower parts. In order to find out exactly where the engine number of your car is depicted, you can use a special motor instruction.If you purchased a car with it, then you can download such instructions online. It will indicate the exact location of the code and engine number.

A little about what constitutes the code and number of the motor. The engine type code includes three characters. The first of these is the working volume (J - 1.3; L - 1.6; R - 1.8; N - 2.0) The second character implies the engine version. Well, the 3rd sign is the application to the model. This designation is assigned at the factory of the manufacturer. Now it’s clear where the engine number is and what it is.

Another problem that a motorist has to face is that the engine is connected with the inevitable accumulation of a whole layer of dirt. That is why many experienced car owners recommend cleaning the engine and washing it. Thus, all the depressions and hiding places are immediately "found." Often, some manufacturers knock out the engine number so that it can be viewed using a small mirror. For example, this is where the Ford engine number is located - it is located on the bottom panel under the oil filter. You can easily see it with a mirror, without removing even the protection from the engine.

Special mention requires a separate manufacturer of domestic cars.Where is the engine number VAZ? Let's deal with this issue:

The identification number of the car (not just the engine, but the entire car) is indicated on the mudguard of the right front fender. The same number, namely its clone, is stamped on the floor of the luggage compartment on the right. Also on the domestic car you can find a sign with data on the characteristics of the machine. It is located on the horizontal shelf of the bulkhead. And most importantly, the number of the engine VAZ was placed on the cylinder block on the left, which is located above the oil filter. This is where the engine number VAZ.

Here is an example of the designation of data on the car VAZ:

  • XTA - manufacturer code;
  • 212140 - the model of the machine;
  • 1 - model year of release;
  • 1580133 - number of the car body;
  • 21214 - engine number;
  • 1610 kg - the maximum weight of the car, allowed to move;
  • 2210 kg - permissible weight with a trailer;
  • 1-780 kg - load on the front axle of the car;
  • 2-830 kg - load on the rear axle of the machine;
  • 20 - version;
  • 010 - number of a complete set;
  • 1504738 - number for spare parts.

That's exactly what information about your car will look like if you are a proud owner and fan of domestically produced cars.As for other brands, each manufacturer has its own peculiarities of displaying information about the car on its case.

Knowing your car gives you more control over it. Try to learn as much as possible about the characteristics of your car. Guided by this information you will know how to act in a given situation.


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