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Where is the hymen?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
August 14, 2012

The virgin chimney is the thin membrane that covers the entrance to the vagina. Where is the hymen? It is located between the external and internal genital organs of the girl. During the first sexual intercourse, as a rule, the hymen is destroyed. Although, sometimes there are cases when it stretches to the size of a penis partner and breaks only during childbirth. The process of breaking the hymen is called defloration.

If you delve deeper into the question of where the hymen is located, it is worth noting that its location may differ significantly from different girls. Most often, the chaff is located at a depth of 1-3 centimeters from the outer labia. However, for some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, it can be at a depth of up to 8 centimeters.

By itself, the hymen has a connective tissue basis, which contains blood vessels, nerves and muscle fibers. Between the sheets of the mucous membrane are bundles of muscle and elastic tissue. The stretchability and density of this membrane directly depends on their number.

The hymen has a very pronounced blood supply. It contains many small vessels and capillaries. That is why during the first sexual intercourse, as a rule, the virgins bleed. Its intensity depends on the shape of the hymen and the age of the girl. It happens that some of them do not bleed at all.


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