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Where is the botanical park with a butterfly garden

The most famous tropical butterfly gardens

Without a doubt, one of the largest and most memorable are the butterfly gardens at the botanical parks located in the tropics. Famous resort areas provide luxurious park complexes, full of vegetation, fauna, insects that feel very comfortable in such places.
The most famous and largest in the world believe the butterfly garden in Thailand on the island of Phuket. Created a quarter of a century ago, this garden now amazes with the magnificence of its inhabitants: butterflies, moths, dragonflies, wasps, scorpions, ants, beetles. Numerous visitors are watching with astonishment a fantastic spectacle: the fluttering of many thousands of insects of the most bizarre shapes and sizes.Fascinating excursions in the blooming and fragrant garden acquaint guests with the full development cycle of butterflies, allow to observe the most interesting process: the birth of a wonderful creature from the pupa.
No less significant is the complex for the protection of these wonderful insects in Sattahip, a small resort town in Thailand near Pattaya. Here, in a tropical park bounded by nets, more than a million of these heavenly creatures fly. Scientists are working to preserve populations of endangered butterfly species. All of them can not only be considered in detail, but also photographed, and even gently stroke the velvet back - butterflies are so used to people that they are not even afraid of touch.
In the Malaysian park complex Kuala Lumpur, you can not only watch, but also feed the pretty inhabitants with a special fruit mixture.

Butterfly Gardens in Europe

Strangely enough, but the world's first butterfly garden was created not in the tropics, but on one of the British Isles in a greenhouse for tomatoes, and in 1977 was open to visitors. Since then, gardens for exotic insects have appeared in Germany, Denmark, and France. Thanks to a complex automated system, they maintain conditions close to tropical ones.The largest in Europe is considered a butterfly garden in the park of Emmen (Netherlands). Every week, the garden receives by mail from tropical countries a mass of butterfly pupae, from which these elegant creatures are then derived.

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