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Where is Orsk?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
April 26, 2015
Where is Orsk?

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In Russian regions, often all movements are concentrated in the direction of the capital, whether it is economic activity or cultural activity - the trend is as follows. But sometimes the second cities have a considerable importance in history and culture. For example, the city of Orsk is the second largest and most significant in the Orenburg region. Consider next, where exactly is the city of Orsk.

Orsk is located in the Orenburg Region, somewhat east of Orenburg, at the confluence of the Or River and the Urals. The total area of ​​the city is just over 600 square meters. km The city consists of three districts: Leninsky, Oktyabrsky, Soviet. A significant relief component of Orsk is the fact that it is located on a hill of the Southern Urals. Famous mountain of these places is called the mountain called Colonel, which is located within the city. These places are rich in jasper and are a local brand.

In addition to geographical and literary features, the city is also known for its industry,which is represented by various industries from metallurgy and oil refining to construction and woodworking.

Also, Orsk places are also known because they are among the favorite for ski tourists. Basically, the routes run near the man-made sea - the Iriklinsky reservoir, which is protected from the west by the Ural Mountains. In spring, there are many flowers in Orsk, especially snowdrops and tulips.


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